Welcome to Ristorante Pizzeria Dennis

At a Dennis restaurant you will enjoy our straight-forward and friendly service as well as our genuine and tasty italian-style kitchen that offers unpretentious dishes made with quality ingredients.

Everyone is welcome at Dennis, and we aim to be your neighborhood corner joint where you naturally find yourself when wanting good food and company. 

Dennis is a casual restaurant that welcomes everyone to enjoy our home-made food. Our neighborhood restaurants exude a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our mission

We believe that food connects people and improves quality of life.  Through food and “toghethernes”  we want to improve our quality of living, wellness, enjoyment and experiences. We want to build a better future together.

Pizzeria Dennis Oy
Ristorante Dennis -restaurants are owned by Experiri Oy.

Also in stores:
You can now find the delicious Dennis food products in many well-stocked markets. Our products developed by Dennis are prepared in our Food Factory in Kaarina. You can find more information about the facility and our products on www.foodfactory.fi.